Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No time for a smart title.

I cannot believe what happened to me on the train this afternoon. I didn't get a seat, as usual which is no big deal. I didn't have anything to hang onto either but I was leaning against the wall between carriages so it wasn't a problem. Until we came out of North Melbourne and the train suddenly swayed and I almost fell over. I had to lean onto the side of the train (above someone sitting down) to balance myself. Okay a little embarrasing but not my fault.

THEN as I righted myself I looked over and some smug goateed man was laughing at me.

Did I mention this SMUG goateed man had a SEAT!

THEN because I'd caught him laughing at me he had to keep grinning at me, like Manny does in Black Books when he gets caught poking his tongue out at his boss. Didn't fall for that though I just fixed him with my brand new 'how dare you laugh at me when you have a seat you prick' look. Invented right on the spot.

What is WRONG with people! I could have hurt myself or someone else!

- Jen
p.s. Song of the month decided and coming soon. 7 comments! A jentopia record surely..(quiet Daniels and Rens).

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Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon man, that is funny! Why werent you giggling at least a little bit? Just because it was a little 'undashing' doesnt't mean you can't have a laugh at yourself!