Monday, December 31, 2007

The kittenats - one year on

I won't say that it seems like yesterday that we brought them home because it doesn't. We went out and got them from a shelter at Wallan. They had two brothers who had been adopted the day before and aftet them it was just the mother left. Obviously we took them both because how could you leave one behind, and as it was someone had a hard enough time taking them away from their mother at all. Thankfully the cat lady rang us the next day and said someone had adopted the mother as well.

To make matters worse one of them hadn't had the microchip put in when they were being desexed so the cat lady put the chip in, while one of us held the poor little thing, without any anaesthetic. Could be why Schroddy hates me! I never thought about that. Anyway they mewed all the way home, and Matilda freaked us out as she kept climbing the cage with her mouth open like she was silently screaming. The photo says it all.

Anyway despite the few accidents they've had (and the accidentlies on purpose)they've been a real bundle of fun. Both of them are keen to get out onto the balcony so they can go out on the roof again. So far we have thwarted any escape attempts.

We're having a bbq new years day for the stragglers staying here after our NYE in the city so I expect they'll have a blast on the roof again as they will be bound to get out.

- Jen
EDIT: the man tells me I am wrong (as usual) it was Matilda who got stabbed and HE was holding her. And that's why Matilda doesn't like being picked up...

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