Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dead cat, dead cat two times.

Went to pack my clothes this morning. Pulled open my brand new backpack (the one we got for overseas). The $250 backpack. That looked like it had orange cordial in it. My first thought (clearly the most logical) was that the man had spilt cordial in it. That only lasted for a second when I remembered the man drinks green cordial not orange, and then the smell hit me.

The cats (I presume only one of them) PEED IN MY BACKPACK.

Then I banged my elbow on the corner of the cupboard door.

Then I had to sit down and think about how on earth I was going to clean it.

I did my best and it still stinks. So I'm going to try some febreeze maybe. Apparently peeing in the man's backpack is out of the question for those mongrels.

I am kind of laughing about how my first thought was the man spilling cordial. NOT impressed with the cats at all.

- Jen

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Ren said...

If the Fabreeze doesn't, try bi-carb, lemon and a spoonful of bleach and wipe it down thoroughly.