Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pretend like its the weekend now...

Its a beautiful day today and with nothing to do I decided to take a stroll down Puckle St, find some nice coffee and settle in and read the paper.

I left the man at home, fighting with Bowser who has decided (for a change) to try to kidnap the princess and take over the mushroom kingdom.

After purchasing the Sunday Age I headed to Fuel Espresso (I think thats what its called), its on Margaret St Moonee Ponds, across the road from the train station, almost on the corner of Puckle St. Very nice coffee, bit quiet in there though. Nice for me, not good for business. Saturday mornings they always look a bit busier though.

Service was so-so, one waitress was really nice and the other looked bored. Thankfully the nice one was making my coffee. I did note that they don't serve a 'big breakfast'. A couple that came in and sat near me clearly needed grease + caffeine. However the chef offered to make them whatever they wanted so they got their bacon, eggs, snags etc after all. Looked pretty good too.

I'd already had two bowls of those weetbix honey brick things, plus a bowl of cherries and some nerds for breakfast so coffee was all I was going to be able to manage. Yes, nerds (the mans breakfast).

After two coffees and managing to get up to the sport section of the paper I ambled over to safeway and got the necessities for home made burgers tonight. Yum!

A very nice, relaxing Sunday so far!

- Jen

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