Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Er, no wait. Riddle me THIS

The man and I are gobsmacked. In shock! Stunned mullets. In disbelief! Slightly bewildered. But mostly gobsmacked.

Riddle me THIS, CITY WEST WATER. HOW, when I now only shower at home about 3x a week and the man has extremely short showers does our water bill go up by $91!!!

I should explain, I shower everyday but the gym I go to is in the same building I work in so I mostly shower there. This is only since September/October mind you. Also, the man and I have also taken to the 'if its yellow let it mellow' rule to save water. We wash our clothes on the 'eco' cycle, in cold water. The dishwasher goes twice a week. Gobsmacked!

The man has tomorrow off so he is going to ring up Mr City West Water and ask him to explain this. His thought is that maybe they've done a meter reading for the first time since we moved in. But $91!! I knew water was going up but thats just insane. I wouldn't be so peeved if it weren't for the fact I KNOW we're using MUCH less water than last quarter due to my showering elsewhere! The little graph thing shows our water usage has DOUBLED.

Be very interesting to hear the answer. Seriously, I'm peeved.

What about everyone else? Notice any changes?

- Jen


Raelene said...

at some point in the year, one bill has an additional $50 fee for 'parks' or something. Not sure about the details, and I know $91 is a long way from $50, but it may be a part of it? Hope it gets sorted and your bill comes down in cost!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I think one of you might be secretly pilfering water and using it elsewhere. Selling it on the black market perhaps?
Shell :)