Friday, December 21, 2007

The sun shines on the black clouds, hanging over the domain

I can't remember the last time we had rain like this.

There I was running from the top of Lonsdale St down to Queen St getting absolutely drenched and then.. then when I got there (there being CQ bar), I was so wet and miserable... well I hate to say this but I went back. I did go back via the train at Flinders St where all those SMART people gave me that smug 'never heard of an umbrella' look. Seriously I was completely soaked through. I was stumbling along cursing Melbourne and its stupid stupid weather. Moved here last June and this was the first time I've been caught in the rain.

What was worse was that I had to go back to work to get my backpack, so I had to totter through the foyer dripping water everywhere and trying not to turn my high heels into waterskis.

So now apparently rivers are flooding. Insane!

Also The man sorted out City West Water - apparently they'd read the wrong meter for one quarter (so we would have had a slightly cheaper bill) then the next quarter read the right one (equalling more) + as Rae said, the parks charge. Except because City West had only just received the valuation for our property they kindly back dated the parks charge for us resulting in a jumbo bill. Ta guys.

Anyway, just in case I get busy tomorrow and don't get time to post..Merry Christmas!

I won't say Happy New Year because I should get time to blog before then.

- Jen

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Anonymous said...

Rain in Melbourne, now that's a surprise. You can always come home darling. Love Mum