Sunday, December 09, 2007

Guitar Hero-ing

Jen and Dan
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So guitar hero could be the most fun I've had with the wii yet. Granted the game is also on all the other consoles and its the same..but still.

Basically you match a coloured button on the guitar to one on the screen when it comes up. Sounds easy! But its not, hence the concentration required. The 'version' of guitar hero is 'legends of rock' and initially I didn't like playing any of the songs on there. Songs like 'slow ride' by Foghat, 'Hit me with your best shot' - Pat Benatar. You see where I'm going with this.

BUT, when you play co-operative career mode and you do a 'set' (of crappy rock songs), you get encore songs. Songs like 'Reptilia' by The Strokes and 'Suck my kiss' by the Chili Peppers. Much better!

To see some incredible guitar hero-ing click here. Seriously, its insane. Clearly these people don't have jobs.

- Jen

- YT Link is down, will fix later

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