Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still so young but somehow so much older

Today is birthday number 23. And its been very weird.

Maybe its because its the first birthday I've been away from home for, maybe it is just the fact I'm older and birthdays aren't that exciting anymore. Actually that must be it because I feel the same way about Christmas. I will admit I've been counting down the days to my birthday. I'm not sure why...but like Christmas I think thats more fun than the actual day.

I've done very well present wise; dvd's, an old school style sandwich maker - because its nice having one of the fancy pants sandwich makers that probably irons your clothes for you as well, but I find if you're just toasting sandwiches it makes them too flat. I mean, you could go and eat six of them to make up for two normal sandwiches but bread doesn't grow on trees.

And...a Max Brenner's 'hug mug'. A truly awesome present. I've already had a hot milo in it, and it was delicious.

We aren't going anywhere or doing anything tonight, as we're on a ridiculously tight budget and are living like uni students - so the sandwich toaster will come in handy. I have decided the hardest thing about going on a budget is going on a budget when you have money. Already we've been shocked at the way we've been demonstrating my favourite economic principle, the marginal propensity to consume. Tut, tut.....tut.

Seriously though, we will have to go out for cake or obtain cake. Cake MUST be had. Cheap cake. Cheap delicious cake.

I should go and do something about that.

- Cake Hunter.


Raelene said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a lovely day.

Tony said...

Happy Birthday Jen, hope the cake was delicious.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday although 23 isn't much of a birthday.

Daniel Bowen said...

Happy birthday Jen, from Daniel and Marita!

a giRL liKe mE said...

Life after uni - I've experienced almost 5 years of it and honestly I don't know where that time's gone!

Nice to "meet" you.