Monday, March 12, 2007

Mop it, mop it real good

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I just had a fantastic idea. It was as I was changing the kitty litter - something we only do about once a week..the rest of the time we just scoop the poop (relax its fine and it doesn't stink). Anyway it was as I was doing this that the bag I was putting the litter bag into split, emptying a weeks worth of pee stained litter all over the kitchen floor (much to the amusement of the cats).

I decided, after cleaning up the mess that I'd have to vacumn and mop the floor. So I ended up doing the whole house, which is what you do when you are related to my mother.

I was emptying the mop bucket into the bath in the hope it might clean the bath a little bit (hey I'm 50% my dad too) and had the great idea of..get this. USING THE MOP TO CLEAN THE BATH! With a little bit of warm tap water I also cleaned the mop! The bath has never been so clean. Keep in mind we have one of those mops with the material bits on it..not a flat sponge one. Sorry, I'm not very clued in on mop terminology.

I really should submit this to the womens weekly and collect some money because I am sure this is one of those $50 good idea things they have.

I have probably shaved twenty minutes off the time it takes to clean your bath. No longer do you need a scrubbing brush and your knees! Or nudity! (or if you're modest your swimmers).

I eagerly await your thankyou emails.

- Jen


Rae said...

Ooh! A very good idea indeed! Thank you Jen! Thank you!! Pssst... here's where you bow gracefully..

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

jenu said...

I have to credit the man with that photo. Its one of the only photos where they aren't attacking each other, us or the furniture.