Monday, March 05, 2007

Our nation's capital - part two

Saturday the man nipped out with the boys (George, Baz and Joely) while liz and I ..hung out.

Besides becoming incredibly frustrated with the stupidity of optus world staff both at the woden and civic stores (if any of you read this - you're probably high on my list of stupidest sales people I've ever encountered). Liz needed her phone repaired and all of the replacement phones in Canberra were out. So she had to relinquish her phone and therefore contact with the outside world. But hey, Optus kindly offered ring her when the phone was fixed. 'On what phone'????

I stepped in with what I thought was a good suggestion - what about email??? Nope, can't do email - but we can text message. The circle continued.

Once we had some lunch - greasy food ahoy - I had a kangaroo burger that I thought was passable. Again, I made the mistake of forgetting that if I don't do something, other people don't either. It's been a long time since I had butter on something, and white bread too!

That night we headed over to meet up with the boys for George's housewarming/many different party excuses party where we proceeded to have a great time. The weather was great, the company was good. The boys were particularly...chatty as I think they'd been drinking for most of the afternoon.

Then tequila was mentioned. Now despite it having come out of my nose the first time I drank it- I love the stuff. So team tequila was formed and many shots were had. Despite having plenty of fun there...the canberrararians (say it out loud!) wanted to go out - so out...five of us went.

The rest is in the sheep story...

Next morning nine am, I'm woken by liz who is in a mad rush to get to the markets to sell her baby clothes. We made it in on time and although feeling slightly worse for wear I had a pretty good time. We sold a lot too which is pretty cool. I also purchased some ethiopian spices and such so I'll post about how that meal goes later this week.

After pizza and a movie (jarhead - blech!) we hopped onto a plane and headed home to some very well fed and well looked after kittenats.

I had today (monday) off as well and have spent it..doing not much at all. I feel pretty well rested though (I even took another day off the gym). Also made an appointment for the MRI which actually costs $270 not $250 and isn't claimable through medicare/ health insurance because the machine isn't covered under any rebates. Apparently though if I wanted to go to one that was, I'd have to go and see a specialist instead of a sports G.P ($100), then the MRI costs about $500, $200 which I might get back. Its a lot more hassle and at best the same price so...I'll just have to bear it. It's not like we can't afford it but when you pay for private health insurance that you never'd be nice to get something for it.

- Jen

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