Thursday, March 01, 2007

Diagnosis: Probably Runners Knee

So I finally went to a sports doctor about my knee. I haven't been running at all since early January and have been resting my knee by using non-impact equipment at the gym. But the gym is a lot more expensive than running outside and it just means I rarely get out at all now, what with living and working across the road from a train station. I've developed a fluorescent tan. Its not a good look.

Anyway the doctor played around with my knee, and caused me considerable pain too - its hurting now and it only ever used to hurt when I ran anywhere. He said its probably Runner's knee which is supposedly easily treatable - and the cool runners page on the topic has made me feel better already.

Just in case its not runner's knee though, I have to have an MRI. A very expensive MRI. What is the deal with these things? Its $250 which is a pretty penny in my books, and thats $250 out of pocket too. Also I have to go all the way to Prahan to get it done!

Actually I went to Prahan the other day for work and I had lunch at the lucky coq - $3 pizzas is a pretty good deal.

But still....thats $253* dollars y'know. AND while I'm ranting. WHY are we paying $125 a month for private health insurance when I still have to fork out money for expensive scans. Scans I might add that if the man put his mind to it he could probably rig up through the microwave. We don't use it much anyway!

- Ouch
* Because if I'm there I might as well get a $3 pizza.


Anonymous said...

I'll cut it off for $20 and a meat pie if you want. And whittle a peg-leg for you for an extra $5. Do we have a deal Jen?
ps. im STUDYING right now! I thought I had a great vocabulary, but my Professional Writing and Lit classes are teaching me otherwise! shit!

jenu said...

I'd like to see your whitting portfolio before I agree to anything. Also, a meat pie sounds a little steep.

I'll get my people to talk to your people and we'll work something out