Monday, March 19, 2007


It's taken me awhile but I've finally gotten into John Mayer's "latest" album, Continum/um. Unlike all his others which I instantly liked this one kind of crept up on me. I kept playing it in the background when I was on the computer, had it on my ipod (on a good day when it worked). But what sealed it, was the song 'stop this train'. I'm very much as most of my friends know, a lyrics person when it comes to songs. I love 'story songs'. This song really struck a chord with me though. Not literally unfortuantely because still the guitar sits in its corner while I give it long lingering glances. I've had the urge to play it again though so hopefully when I get some spare time..
Anyway! I've put the lyrics below. It's a great song. I actually only really love about 4 songs on the whole album but the rest are nice to listen to.
Been investigating the remaining 'oc' songs I have left to download. Bente if you thought you were sad about missing out on the actual show, I'm devastated because for the past however many years I've been collecting oc music. Basically from the show I go 'oh I like the sound of that', look up the band and in some cases have bought a few of the bands albums. Hello Death Cab for Cutie.
But seriously, if you're an OC fan - get Mates of State - California. If you're missing the show its haunting!! A cover of Phantom Planets opening number for the show. Sniff, now I miss the OC. Not that I watched the last season and a half of it. Still, I will probably buy S4 when it comes out. If only so I have them all.
- Jen
*How do you spell continuum? Two u's? Surely not! Google! You've failed me! I can't trust the cd cover! Its a mystery!

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