Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I got my haircut this afternoon. Usually an enjoyable experience despite the cost. Except today (without me having to remember to ask about it) the hairdresser mentioned I was losing an unusual amount of hair. Which I am, I even have the ability to block drains on a regular basis.

Apparently, surprise surprise its stress. Or maybe diet related (which I doubt seeing how I eat more since I started in the call centre)...more chocolate anyway. But yeah, while the rest of me is not as thin (surely I'm not!) as I used to be, my hair sure is.


You will have to excuse any errors in this post because not only have I been drinking (more on that later), I'm also trying to...type quietly (shhh!).

I went out tonight with some of the other grads and I had an absolute blast. Seriously. I danced, and I had fun doing it. I'm 100% sure that is the whole, 'these people don't know I don't know how to dance thing but I'm going to have a go and have fun anyway' thing, but it was a lot of fun. I didn't drink much at all but considering its been awhile since I drank anyway I feel pretty blurry about now. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow night and I might even dance then too.

We went to the Hyde Bar on Russell St, my new favourite* place. Lots of couches, small dance floor and awesome atmosphere.

Phew, must go to bed now as I have a wedding to go to tomorrow (oops already mentioned),

- Jen

p.s. Craig, am writing back but haven't finished email yet.
p.p.s I have that horrible, gee I wish I was in bed and hadn't been drinking feeling right about now

* - first place that I have been to in city (drinking wise) since I moved here.

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Anonymous said...

you danced??? I dont believe it! I have to give your new mates a pat on the back!