Saturday, September 30, 2006

Full of chocolatey cakey goodness

After coming home from attending the infamous Grand Final day BBQ at the Malloy's today, I remembered I was in charge of dinner. I'd planned on cooking some kind of chicken stirfry/pad thai number but I was so full that I wasn't upset when the man said he didn't really want dinner because he'd eaten FIVE homemade meat pies while watching the footy.

The BBQ today was a lot of fun. Initially I was bit apprehensive about meeting people I'd only 'met' on the internet but being new to Melbourne I figured that meeting new people is meeting new people. Potential psychopaths or not. For my family who are probably associating this bbq with some kind of "danger", I read their blogs all the time, know what they look like etc etc. The man refused point blank to go with me for protection because he thought that it would be really awkward and he wouldn't have anything in common with anyone. As it happens Tony is hanging out to play Lego Star Wars. A computer game that is the bane of my existence. Even hearing the star wars theme makes me start crying and shaking uncontrollably. Something in common right there. Not to mention computers, internet, tv shows like the office etc etc.

As I suspected I had a very nice time chatting to everyone and watching the grand final. I ate too much food and came home with a nice stomach ache which is just wearing off now. The cake (freshly made by yours truly this morning) was nice but slightly undercooked in the middle giving it a cake/pudding texture (still very nice but best eaten with a fork). I was trying to figure out a new name for this cake/pudding phenomenon but could only come up with, well..'puke'. Not really catchy or marketable.

I will be back next year (and will make sure I keep up with the footy tipping).

- Jen


jase said...

Thought you should see this. Yours is worth 500 odd dollars, mines not worth the virtual paper its printed on ;)

Daniel Bowen said...

That cake was de-smeggin'-licious. I assumed it was meant to be soft in the middle.