Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's got no lemons but its sure got soul

This morning we finally went out for breakfast since moving into Foodville (aka Puckle St) and the first place we tried was "Lemon Soul'. So I thought in the spirit of The Breakfast Blog I would do a small review.

This place gave me the best breakfast I have had in..well probably ever! The menu said the breakfast was big but I mean, I'm a good eater and the man can put away a pretty decent amount of food as well. Neither of us could finish it. To put in in perspective there was half an avocado, half a hashbrown, a piece of toast and some baked beans and eggs still on my plate....and the meal only cost $13. In true Jen style I ordered the vegie breakfast of mushrooms, poached eggs, hashbrowns, tomato, spinach and avocado on wholemeal toast with an added serve of bacon. The man and her royal lateness ordered the big brekkie of sausages, bacon, eggs (fried for the man and poached for hrl), mushies, tomato, spinach and hashbrowns. When the next table's breakfast arrived I couldn't help gawking at the pancakes which were about 2cm thick and covered in icecream and berries. "I am so getting that next time" was bandied about quite a bit.

I would have liked to take a picture but I haven't got myself a digital camera. Words do not do this place justice. The service was not fantastic but it sure was fast. I think we had our meals in less than 10 minutes.

Having said all this there is still many brekkie places along Puckle St we have yet to try but for $13, thats pretty darn good value!

- Jen

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