Wednesday, September 20, 2006

With everything in the past fading faster and faster until it was gone

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So having been in Melbourne for four (almost five) months now I am finally starting to settle down and relax. I don't suppose buying and moving into an apartment helped matters either but I finally feel like I'm having some semblance of a normal, routine life (I'm a big fan of all things normal and routine).

I've made new friends - actually I would probably describe them as comrades having worked with them on the front line in the call centre. I'm going to miss seeing them everyday when we start our new rotations.

Finally I am starting to find my way around this city. I'm picking up the lingo quite well. For instance I'd never get off the train at 'Broadie' (Broadmeadows) because I like having both money and a purse. I know 'packo' means pascoe vale. I know that it takes two minutes to run down the escalators as parliament station to get to the platform I need. I know train lines, tram numbers and times. I know stations, stops, shortcuts and suburbs.

The reason why I'm so happy at the moment also coincides with the reason why I'm writing this at 10:24am on a Wednesday. I'm not at work. Yay for flex days. Of course the reason I took a flex day is because I have some work to finish up for this rotation. I'd better go get that done.

- Jen


Rae said...

Heh, I work in Broadie and sure there are some dodgies, but onthe whole, it's just another 'burb. I've even caught the train from the station! :) I'm still living too. While I was waiting for the train, two big burly Broadie 'boys' sat next to me. I froze, then their mates turned up, I sat, not really reading my book, then I noticed the biggest boy had a puppy and was being really gentle with it. Made me laugh to see such a big bloke with such a tiny dog!

jenu said...

Yeah, I think it was crossing under the road in that tunnel that was the worst bit for me!