Sunday, September 03, 2006

1 wedding and a funeral

Weddings don't happen often in my family. I've attributed it to an age gap and that in around 5 years or so we'll be inundated with them. The wedding was my second cousin Matt and his now wife Rebecca's and it was a lot of fun. I didn't dance a lot but there was dancing. It helped I had a hot guy around to dance with (yes it was the man).

The wedding was in Lilydale (some 49 mins away from where we live according to whereis) and being my usual organised self I'd allowed an hour and half to get there. So when I told her royal lateness* that we were leaving at 10:30 at the absolute latest, that was the time I imagined we'd leave. I hadn't imagined leaving at 11:05 for a midday wedding. Of course this is the one bride who is on time as well. Kindly she let us into the church seconds before she walked down the aisle, disappointing my family who were standing, expecting to see a bride not 3 breathless people skidding into their seats. On the plus side I think I might enter my car in the grand prix next year.

After the wedding we got a bite to eat at Eastlands (certainly no Highpoint...although I will admit I thought the food court was better) because we had some time to kill before the reception. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful but fun. When I say fairly uneventful a taxi driver did manage to get on the bad side of Dad (never a good thing especially when you are sitting in a cab with him towering over you. We'd been waiting 40 minutes for a second cab and when one did show up it wasn't for us. Instead of checking with the base about where our cab was the driver told Dad 'you have a mobile phone, use that'. Not smart buddy. For some reason the driver declined to get out of the car and discuss the matter further (maybe he was just shy or something, or maybe he looked at Dad and looked at the man and did some quick sums in his head).

The not-so-fun part of this week was the funeral I went to. My great-uncle Frank died last week. He had been really sick with lung cancer and although it didn't come as a shock it didn't make it any less sad. I was really glad that I went and visited him before he did die. It had been bothering me for awhile now, the fact that I would go to his funeral if he died but I couldn't make the time to go and see him while he was still alive if that makes sense. So I went a few weeks ago and I'm glad that I did. The last place that he worked at before he died was the Allen's lolly factory in Broadford and they actually shut down the factory on the day of his funeral which was really nice.

We have had a big week this week and I am happy to announce I'm on the homeward stretch of my time in the call centre. If only the call centre would support 'Talk like a pirate day' we'd have another event to look forward to!

- Jen

* My sister - who worked later than she anticipated...and then got lost.

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