Saturday, February 07, 2009

The worst day in our history?

The day isn't over yet, so this might come back to bite me but why John Brumby would say today will be the worst day in our state's history is beyond me. 

Edit 10.00pm: Okay, now looks like there is a rising death toll, not good.

Edit 8/2/09: Worse than Ash Wednesday.....the town centre of Bendigo almost went and lots of houses there were lost. I've got the man ringing people we know there. Also thinking about relatives who have properties near Clonbinane. Just read Broadford is now under direct threat. Lots, almost all my extended family there. 

For the future I had to post a picture from the city's hottest day ever, even though the picture is getting a workout around the traps. I think the bottom of it might be taken from our backyard.. Only a month or so ago I was admiring our green its all dirt and prickly grass.

The Hume Freeway is closed at the moment between Broadford and Wallan because of a large fire at Kilmore. Mum and Nan are supposed to be coming down tomorrow to go and see my sister so hopefully its open by then. 

So today the man and I took it as easy as we could. We went into 'the lab' this morning so he could setup some experiments. I entertained myself by looking at all the bio hazard stickers and warnings about carcinogens everywhere. Seriously, one whole door was covered in stickers about the danger inside. Those bio hazard stickers freak me out. Too resident evil-ish.
After that we went down to a paper shop in South Melbourne to have a look for materials for our wedding invites. Not far away was the South Melbourne markets so we went in for a walk around.
Interesting, the difference between food section in the Queen Vic and in the South Melbourne markets. The SMM seems to be very much the South Yarra crowd serving the South Yarra crowd. That's not actually a very astute observation though given where the SMM is located! I didn't see Prue and Trude though. 

We ducked up to Highpoint briefly and purchased a cheap evaporative cooler from the Good Guys. The salesman was obviously suffering heat exhaustion because he tried to talk us out of buying it. "Honestly, its not that good, it will only cool your legs". Well my legs are hot buddy and I don't have air conditioning, so right now, this is looking pretty good. I didn't say it, but I was thinking it. The man's weekend work purchased a few for last weekend and they didn't seem too bad - it was only $95 and we plan on getting proper air con when I am the Commissioner of Taxation and the man wins a Nobel Prize for curing cancer. So, shortly.

We got a couple of dvds and then collapsed in front of the tv and the cooler. The cooler was not too bad, you can put ice in it, but its huge and if I had enough ice to fill it, I'd probably just rather sit in an esky instead of putting it in the cooler. We put tap water in it and I was aghast at how much it took to fill. I hate to think how much water people are using at the moment. I hope someone has reported that pesky orange helicopter buzzing about. I'm joking about that. I suppose for some people, today was the worst day in their history.

I wondered if I filled up the bath if the cats would get in koala style - see picture below. The man thought this was a dumb idea but later I saw Ren's video on Facebook of a cat swimming around quite happily in a bath. I'm not game to try putting them in because Schroddy already hates me with a vengeance and I don't really want to get Tilly offside.

Well enough talking. Time for dinner. More salad! Hot meals are a thing of the past.

- Jen

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