Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I had nothing to do on this hot afternoon, but to sit down and write you a line.

Today just might have been the best day I've had in a long time. It started out very average, got into work about 6am to get in some time on an EOI I'm working on. Long story short, they opened up the position I am currently acting in as long term higher duties. But the application is open to everyone I work with, so its going to be an interesting couple of weeks. It's due Friday.

So there I was at work, grinding my teeth about the application, badgering Stuart my workmate to get his arse into gear and start his....when all the lights went off.

I pressed ctrl+s frantically over and over hoping the damn thing had saved. Then I remembered I'd saved it to the desktop, so it wasn't saved on the server. 

No worries, I'll save it to the share drive -'A network cable is missing'
No worries I'll just print it out - Power is off so printer is off also...der
No worries. I'll email it to myself - 'Outlook could not connect to server'

I started to panic a little bit at this point. So in desperation I grabbed my phone, took three photos of the screen and just as I took the last one, my computer switched off.

Could be work as one of those fancy things Tony has which gives you time to save your work before the computer carks it after a power outage. The next question was, what was going on? 

It was only our floor and thoughts automatically turned to the builders renovating our bathrooms. There was a collection of very guilty looking tradesman lingering about the liftwell and a strong smell of smoke. After waiting around for an hour, enjoying the darkness, going to get a coffee and generally having a nice bludge and a chance to relax we went upstairs to an IT training room. I couldn't check my document because my profile wasn't loading up on the new PC. Aarrgh. 

So I typed up my document from my phone screen. Yes that actually worked. Best idea I ever had. In case I get in there tomorrow and it did get wiped, I'm covered.

After that we all got sent home and it got put down to a standard day. So much free time (it was 1pm) what do I do? 

I called the man to see if he was working or bludging and he said he could meet me at 3pm and we'd go and see a movie. 

I dropped by a bike shop near work and chatted to the guy for about an hour and a half and test rode about eight bikes. Nothing really jumped out at me. 

On the way home I stopped in at our local bike shop and looked longingly at the bike I'd tried out on the weekend. It was only slightly out of my budget (by $75) but I also needed a lock ($60) and to change the quick release part to a more secure one. 'Part' is a technical term too, just so you know. Three weeks ago I knew nothing about bikes now I can look at one and tell if it has good gears and stuff. Alright, so I still don't have much of an idea. 

Anyway long story short I got the whole kit 'n' caboodle for only $50 more than my budget. Not bad negotiating on my part. I use the word 'negotiating' loosely. I asked for his best price on getting the whole lot. I was stoked actually and I pick it up tomorrow. It's a flat bar road bike and it is beautiful. 

Funnily enough the pedal on my current bike snapped today so it will be an interesting ride to work tomorrow. I might throw it off citylink on the way home. I always threaten to do that to the damn thing. 

After we got home the man and I went down to Highpoint to see a movie but there were none on! What! We were caught in a movie black spot. The next one didn't start for an hour so we gave up and went home. 

I had a hot bath, started and read a book I've been meaning to read (yes I read fast) and ate easter eggs. I know. At least I haven't started on hot cross buns.

Seriously, I have had the best day. But now its time for dinner, Bondi Rescue, Packed to the Rafters and then bed.

The photo is Stuart, my team mate in the darkness of our office. He told me today that I 'look better in the dark'. Nice.

- Jen


Andrew said...

And a guard on the rear wheel to stop your skirt getting caught in the spokes?

dave said...

Hi Jen, good and interesting blog read! We're wondering, would you be interested for a chat about marketing your blog with potential advertisers?


Raelene said...

hey, read this last week, but just thoguht - if you still have your old bike, you can offer it our on freecycle. Someone actually put out a 'wanted' for a bike, I think they were in Foots, and said they were happy to fix it up, so that might be an option. Let me know if you want details.

Raelene said...

oh god... i really should re-read before I hit enter. Sorry, too many spelling/typing errors in there. Hope it made sense!