Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: Growlers, Torquay.

Yesterday during a whirlwind tour of 'The Bellarine', my sister and I stopped off at Growlers in Torquay for lunch. The place looks great. The menu was average and it looked overpriced. They didn't disappoint either, it was overpriced.

We ordered a thai beef salad and a 'pint' of king prawns to share. 

A pint of prawns was a pint glass filled with NINE prawns ($30) and the thai beef salad ($18) was about ten centimeters in diameter. It was...tiny. Shell said she could have shoved a few more prawns in there.

Also, what is the deal with giving us NINE prawns. Anyone who knows an Unsworth knows you don't put yourself in between them and an uneven number of prawns. I was accused of eating more than my share and we had to pull out the poor prawn heads and count how many we'd each had.

The 'pint' was served with marie-rose sauce. Do you know what it is? Its seafood cocktail sauce. 

$48 later...we had to go and get ice-cream because we were still hungry.

The food was nice enough but ridiculously over-priced. Their breakfast menu looked good though, and much more reasonably priced. We saw some people eating breakfast and it looked like a decent serve. 

Nice views too. If you've got money to burn and you're not hungry I'd recommend it. Is that a backhanded compliment or what? 

- Jen

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Anonymous said...

Really? I've been there and stayed in one of the holiday cottages in Torquay and I think the prices of the food we've eaten are reasonable enough and it is also good.