Sunday, February 15, 2009

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do

Our weekend didn't really go as planned but turned out pretty good in the end.

We'd planned to go back to Albury and the boys were going to go looking at suits, which I have been nagging them about for a couple of months now. So that was the main thing to be done. As we were going back we'd also planned to go to our reception place and start working out table decorations and also talk to the travel agent about our honeymoon.

On Thursday, the groomsman the man was going shopping with called to say he'd been sent up to Flowerdale with the Reserves to help with the fires. Not going to argue about that! Well, it would give us more time to do other things!

On Friday night when we got back Dad told me the people at the reception place were away, as were the travel agents. Not to be put out, we cheerfully said, "well we can spend more time with you guys!". Mum and Dad looked at each other and then said "ah, well about that...we're actually going away......".

So we spent Saturday looking at suits, having lunch with the man's Mum and Step Dad, squeezed in a visit to Cold Rock, dinner with Mum, Dad and Nan and then drove back to Melbourne before Mum and Dad left as well. Oh and it was the anniversary of our engagement, so we've been engaged for two years now. We gave each other..nothing! 

We had a nice drive home, well the man drove while I read a book until it got too dark. Then we talked about the awesome bike I'm going to buy with my $900. I am a bit apprehensive about getting a bike so good, it will get pinched.

When we got home, we were both stuffed so we went to bed. Then I got to have an awesome sleep in. The reason we came home is so that we have time to get stuff done for the week. Hence the title of this post. We headed to the markets about 11, just in time for the closing bargains. 

We got:

- 6kg of lean beef mince $30
- 5 kg chicken breasts $50
- about 10-12 yearling beef steaks,  $10
- 2 lamb roasts (about 1-1.5kg each) for $20 - yes, $20 for TWO roasts.

The stuff is good quality too. We will freeze one roast, and have one for dinner tonight. Somehow I have become the household 'roast cookerer'. A title that was reserved for the man but he has relinquished to me. I'm not sure its a good thing. Apparently I'm good at cooking the vegies. I will admit I have mastered cauliflower and cheese sauce from scratch.

Then to the fruit shop for fruit and vegies. We don't buy this at the markets because its just as good and cheap from the shop, or even Safeway. I suspect the fruit shop ripped us off on bananas because they were $4.98kg, and Safeway would be cheaper.

Then onto Safeway for the rest of our household stuff. Washing powder etc. Spent $110 there. But we bought a ton of bulk stuff. Like the man's cordial, Cottee's was on sale. 2 x green, 1 x red and 1 x lemon. Then home, where it took approximately 30 minutes to put it all away, including weighing, bagging and putting all the meat into the freezer. 

All this before a coffee! My head was about to start pounding, but I made do with an instant, saved in the nick of time. 

Now we're set for the week, well a couple of months with all that meat actually. Nice to have a day just to get back on track.

- Jen

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Andrew said...

Sounds like a pretty good effort to me. Your reward? Get yourself a decent cup of coffee each day and wallow in the luxury.