Friday, June 29, 2007

There's a moment in my mind I scribbled and erased a thousand times

I have a lot to report, I think. The trouble with not blogging for awhile is that you have all these great things to blog about but can't remember them. I KNOW there is something I'm supposed to be writing about because I was somewhere with the man the other day and I remember actually saying 'I am so blogging about this'. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

I do think about blogging regularly. I really wish I had a better camera on my phone because I regularly see weird things in the city, like a wombat the other day. Thats right, corner of Lonsdale and Spring Sts, a wombat. I also see Tony's old signs all the time (I'm telling you Tony my side of the city is a goldmine). Plus coming home from the gym, I see the sunrise and the skyline of the city which is always nice.

But anyway, to be fair after staring a computer screen for ten hours, the last thing I want to do is come home and blog about how I stared at a computer screen for ten hours. Well ten hours is the exception usually. I mean I'm not an assistant commissioner.

In a couple of hours, when the man gets home from work (I hardly think its appropriate to hurry him along when he's researching cancer) we're heading off to Mansfield for the weekend to see his family and maybe squeeze in a bit of snowboarding... I figure it will be a good test for the knee. Can't run, can snowboard out of control down a mountain.

But anyway, I have a couple of mini posts up my sleeve.

- Jen

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