Sunday, June 17, 2007

For poorer or poorer

So we've recently come to the conclusion that while we have enough money to keep ourselves fed, clothed and watered - and moderately entertained - we don't have enough money to do things we want to do. For instance, we were planning on going overseas next year which is starting to look doubtful. We're also supposed to be getting married in 2009, which is yes, ages away but if we're going overseas it leaves considerably less money for a wedding.

I've come to the conclusion that the wedding business is the business to be in. Not only do you know who's who and what's what, you'd be making some serious pocket change as well. I have heard if you tell the flower guy that the flowers are for a funeral you get them cheaper. By 2009 you'll probably have to give a death certificate with your flower order though.

Another five seasons of friends will keep us entertained, and we can afford to pay our power bill and the new car saves us money in that we won't need to start having expensive services and even though we eat the same meal two (or three if we're especially thrifty) times a week - there's not a lot changing in our bank account balance, although its not going down either. My salary is up a bit at the moment while I'm on a 'temporary promotion' but soon I'll go back to my old moolah. The man's talking about getting a part time job but as I pointed out, he couldn't work in retail - he's too Bernard Black for that, and besides no-one would hire a 26 year old check out guy for a saturday shift at safeway.

I know that at our age and time in life things are supposed to be tight - well maybe not at our age but I suppose not many 23 and 26 year olds own (ok have a mortgage on) their own place. We're not eating any red cabbage yet but still deciding if we're really hungry or if we could save that piece of (home made) pizza for lunch tomorrow? Before sneaky cats try to swipe leftovers they're carefully secured in the fridge or freezer for lunches or dinners and there is nothing like hanging onto your expired monthly ticket in case Connex offer compensation.

Of course I guess we're not about to extend our family by 2 + persons and our things we want to do are just that, wants. We don't need to go overseas but we really really want to.

As the man says, clearly we just aren't trying hard enough to win powerball. My suggestion is that he goes on a game show, I think he'd win. That's game show not reality tv show - although he'd be pretty good on survivor.

- Jen

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