Sunday, June 17, 2007

Can go over it, can go through it

Sugarloaf / Mt Piper
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Yesterday we went mountain climbing. Sounds way cooler as 'mountain climbing' than 'walked up a big hill' The man and I went to Broadford to see some family (including my 75 year old Nan) and to climb what we know as Sugarloaf, but what is apparently "Mt Piper".

I've climbed it before - maybe 10+ years ago and remembered it being hard work but not too bad. So I wasn't sure whether it would be harder or easier being 'grown up'.

Anyway there was about 15 of us (at least) and the man, nan, one of our cousins and I set off together until we got to a break in the path. Some of the group had kept following what looked like the right way to go and some had gone up what looked like a fire trail (wide but straight up). We hesitated and Nan decided to go the 'normal' way with our cousin, while I bullied the man into going straight up. None of this walking AROUND the mountain for me. I found it pretty easy and I was disappointed until I saw the man gasping for air about 20 metres back. Yay!! Now I KNOW I'm fit. Although I still wouldn't take him on in a race or anything. At walking speed though - I'm queen.

After lunch at the top, us younger ones decided to head down the opposite side and try and find the mines (there are two we know of). After walking/sliding down the rocks and loose dirt (I had a particularly painful fall onto my arse) we found one of them but it was blocked up by a metal door a couple of metres in. The second one though we got about, well I estimated 100 metres in but I think it was more like 20-30. There was about 9 of us that went in and I was second from last so the torch light at the front of the line was non-existent for us. Today when I googled it I saw they've done a study on bats living in those things.

We finally meandered our way back to the carpark expecting to see everyone waiting but only half the group was there. Most noticeably missing (for me at least was Nan) - did I MENTION she's 75?

Apparently they decided to come and look at the mines as well. Did I MENTION the slipping and falling? After about 20 minutes and after I'd thought about whether I'd be able to carry Nan down with her probably broken hip, they turned up. I asked Nan how she got down there and she said 'oh we slipped and slid down'. Good one Nan.

Pretty fun day though - then afterwards it was back to Aunty Maureen's (for all you family out there) for some freshly made scones with jam and cream.

- Jen


Anonymous said...

Nan says that there is talk of doing this every year now. I had better get into training.

Anonymous said...

I believe "The Man" was leading the charge down the hill, In fact I remeber him leading everyone back to the car park and having to wait for some people to catch up... Poosa.

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