Monday, June 04, 2007

Tell me its cool, I just don't believe it.

On Saturday the man and I went to a house party for our good friend Nicoli's 23rd birthday. Thats right - out on a Saturday night. Believe you me, not staying in and working our way through another season of Friends was strange stuff.

There was alcohol involved. Myself, I was behaved I only had three beers, a vodka shot (I can do that now!) and...some ghastly cognac.

That is awful, awful stuff. I was waiting for this brilliant warm flavoursome thing that would make me cultured and dignified 'here I sit...drinking cognac' - perhaps (if I smoked) I would have had a cigarette, on a long stick. I could have talked politics and moaned about those vile creatures watching those insipid sitcoms instead of watching television programmes like 'four corners'.

Instead I made a face and thought 'oh my god there is a whole shot glass of this stuff'. One of our other friends took the 'easy' way out and simple shotted it Which is apparently NOT the right thing to do. Just smelling this stuff hurt, there was no way I was digesting all of it.

The other thing to not do apparently is 8 + shots of vodka, + a shot of cognac and whatever other drinks you've had before that. Don't do that. It is messy and when your friends don't know the location of containers in your house, the only empty vessel they will find is the saucepan containing remnants of dinner. Good luck eating that dish again soon.

But nevertheless, a very fun (and social) night! We should do that (socialise) more often. Talking to cats and one other person all the time and you run out of things to talk about. 'How about those people upstairs'...'yep', 'stop biting my ponytail cat', 'hiss'.

- Jen


gav said...

How good are Reel Big Fish! Saw them a couple of months back just before Easter and they were Great!

jase said...

You got out of the house?
No way!