Saturday, February 11, 2006

A very taxing time

Wednesday morning and the beginning of my full-time working life began. So far I quite like my job even if it does look like it is going to be quite the challenge! Whether or not I can tell if I will really like my job just from the past 3 days I'm not sure but the people seem really nice and thats often what can make or break a job.

By the end of the week though (and now especially) I was exhausted. In fact it probably shows in my writing. Going out last night (while it was fun) probably didn't help me (or my bank account) so I think I will be heading to bed pretty soon. Unless I get a second wind and start playing guitar.

I can't really talk too much about work of course (a lesson dooce learned for all of us I think) but I'm sure as long as it isn't about any of my co-workers, members of the public, cases I am working on or anything else relating to my work I will be posting it here.

I will probably update tomorrow when I am in a better mood....and so much for bed the guitar calls.

- Jen

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