Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cheer up sleepy Jen

Tonight was the weekly 'steak night' but this time we (turtle-lips, Gus and I) were joined by the three other grads I work with. I had a great time but so did the girls when they all pointed out that they like watching the daily 'Jen almost fall asleep show'. I will be the first to admit that after all the bright lights of outside at lunchtime and the conversation that doesn't involve tax, coming back to talk about the medicare levy will often leave me stifling yawns or thinking up ways to stop my eyes actually closing. I just didn't think anyone was watching.
They say its not a bad thing and that they like the comfort of going 'gee I'm tired...but hey look Jen is too'. I have been starting pretty early though, but I work better in the morning so I think that probably has an effect.

I'd better get to bed...I want to be awake tomorrow!

Also I don't know if he reads this but if you are, billyjoe noodle-bob I hope Bram is better now (and Eve of course).

- Jen

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