Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pop goes's foot

Not-my-foot. The man's foot. Apparently he was just walking along minding his own business (wasn't DANCING or anything) and bam, his ankle exploded.

Three days later when he got it x-rayed its not broken..just badly sprained. Yes - that old chestnut. Now he's sporting a LOVELY bruise right around the bottom of this foot.

Luckily he waved the foot in front of my face before I could demand to know why dinner wasn't 'in progress'.

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Anonymous said...

Pfft... i know dancing injuries, and thats a classic example ;)
Is he OK? Did he have to get crutches? Tash fell over at ice skating on Wed night, and she's waiting for a phone call to find out whether it's broken or not. Crazy!