Friday, August 10, 2007

My, what lovely teeth you have

Today has been a day for compliments. For me.

This morning in our circuit class my boxing partner stopped and exclaimed (yes, exclaimed!) 'wow you have the most beautiful teeth'. My red in the face and out of breath response was 'braces'.

I guess it must be all those regular visits to the orthodontist* That or the braces I still have on the back of my teeth. Or the two times I had braces on the front of my teeth.

THEN when I was getting my hair cut the hairdresser asked me if my hair colour was all natural (it is), because it was such a nice colour.

I believe the term is chuffed.

- Jen

*the orthodontist in ALBURY


Gus said...

DUDE! did i know you had them on the back of your teeth?!? i think i did. So do i! And im not sure why i get so excited whenever i find another person who has them... Ive got to find a hobby or something.

jenu said...

LMAO. Oh gus.