Saturday, December 02, 2006

It pays to be patient (well it should anyway)

Parliament Station
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Yesterday I needed to get home from the city by 1pm (we were expecting a delivery between 1pm and 6pm that we couldn't miss). So I left work at midday (giving me an HOUR to get home). Actually less than that because I'd planned to grab stuff for lunch at the supermarket because I'm hungry- but I digress.

Anyway so I get to parliament station and its a 20 minute wait for Broadmeadows train. Great. So I sit down and glare at the timetable screens for a bit..consider walking back up and getting on a tram instead..decide against it. Then I get sick of waiting and decide that with my new found melborientation* that I could easily jump on the next train (Upfield line) and get off at Flemington Bridge station, then jump on a tram up Mt Alexander Rd. It's bulletproof!

So I get off at Flemington Bridge and get to the tram stop only to see its a 15 minute wait for a tram. You have GOT to be joking. Its now 12:30. Then its starts pouring rain. There's no shelter at this tram stop. The tram arrives. People get on and off at EVERY stop up Mt Alex Rd.

Get off tram at 12:58, sprint home. Nice and wet and starving.

Package arrives - 3:30pm. If I had of been patient and waited for the Broadie train I would have been home earlier, drier and probably in a considerably better mood.

- Jen

* This too is totally a real word

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Anonymous said...

At least you got some rain!