Sunday, December 31, 2006

The hot new reality tv show called..

"Oh my god I locked my keys in the car".

After a late night on Christmas Eve and getting up early to open presents, go to mass etc I was pretty tired. After leaving home to drive to Berrigan after Christmas lunch, I was pretty sad. After driving from Albury to Berrigan (well sitting while the man drove), I was both tired and sad.

So when the man's nephew Zeke was chasing me - armed with some kind of rubber ball firing gun toy I chose to hide in the car (and locked myself in it). There I was, safe from rubber ball attack with the added bonus of seeing Zeke's frustration while I kicked back and relaxed in the car.

30 seconds later...

I was bored but Zeke stubbornly remained sitting next to the passenger side door. I climbed over into the drivers side, grimaced as I sat on the car keys lying on the seat, quietly unlocked the door, opened it, quietly relocked the door, slammed it shut and then went:

"oh CRAP".

Yes, I had locked not only my car keys but also the spare in the car (it was in the man's wallet which was in my handbag, which was in the car). Keep in mind we are on a farm miles (kilometers??) from anywhere. I was too shocked to be upset because stupid am I! Within seconds I had five males standing around the car telling me how easy it will be to get them out. I have to say I was a little skeptical. Firstly the locks are those square push down jobs, not the ones that are easy to hook a coat hanger on. Secondly, well cars aren't supposed to be easy to break into. I'm pretty sure thats a key design specification.

15 minutes later...

Cars are easy to break into. It took a spatula, some tape and some banging of the car door but eventually the lock popped up.

The best thing was we got the final moments on the man's younger sister Breanna's video camera she got for Christmas! It was nail biting, on the edge of your seat kind of stuff. The suspense as the lock slowly, slowly slid up, the waiting for the 'click' as it popped up. There was also nature to battle as Australia's fly population descended on us.

Good stuff!

- Jen

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Craig said...

G'day Jen,

It's Craig here from North Wales, hope you had a nice Xmas and I wish you, the man and the kittens a Happy New Year. We have been granted our visa and will be heading out to Albury as soon as our house is sold. I've started a little blog of my own and I was hoping you'd put a link on your blog to mine. The address is;

Cheers mate,