Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's not so funny meow is it?

I often look back on my posts and laugh, usually because I'm such a dork but right now I'm laughing about the ending of my last post. "Am waiting for something exciting to happen so I can post something people will be interested to read".

WELL! Friday night and the man and I are both exhausted after working hard all week. Sorry I should rephrase that, the man went to work all week. Anyway we'd ordered in chinese had a beer (or a Johnny Walker in the man's case) and were just sitting and chatting on the couch whilst 'Big Brother' was on tv.

Then came a knock on the door. The man peered through the keyhole (being safety concious of course) and a mildly exasperated police officer said "its the police". They told us there was a 'small disturbance' in the street and to stay in the house. So of course we got settled in our bedroom at the front of the house and peered out the windows like the busy-bodies that we are. The street was blocked off at one end by about three police cars but nothing much else was happening. The man got bored and wandered off back up to the loungeroom and then I nearly had a heart attack.

About 15 SWAT guys were walking up one side of the street (complete with the black outfits with helmets, firepower and door busting in thingamajig), the man got back in position pretty quick after that. We probably watched for an hour or more, heard the bang of the door going in and then we're pretty sure we heard gunshots. An ambulance appeared out the front of our house and then they brought a guy out, got him on his knees (with SWAT guys on either side) and eventually put him in the back of a divvy van and the excitement was over.

Just another quiet night in Ascot Vale really!

- Jen
p.s. read this in the herald sun this morning but it doesn't mention Ascot Vale. It's such a quiet street too!


Rae said...

Well you didn't have long to wait for that! Amazing. What a night! Excitement in the 'burbs.

jenu said...

It was crazy! You don't really think those SWAT teams (SWA teams?) exist until they're strolling past your front door

Mike said...

Wow, thats crazy. Nice way to be welcomed to the neighbourhood I guess :)
I think australian SWAT are called SOG, doesn't sound anywhere near as cool as SWAT imo.