Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hi this is Jennifer...

How may I help you?

Sigh. I knew working in a call centre (sorry 'client contact centre') would be bad. But this bad? Never! It's mentally and emotionally draining. You don't know what call is coming next, what the question is going to be and what the person on the end of the line is going to be like.

Sometimes you get lucky and its a really simple question with a really nice person who is eternally grateful to you for being able to help. The next call you might get sworn at and hung up on. Which is always fun. The days don't fly by but you don't really clock watch while you are taking calls so the time does pass fairly easily.

Its getting easier as I learn more and more and my confidence builds. Even so these three months are going to be really really tough. Home life is great but when you have a crap day at work, its hard not to bring that feeling home with you. The freedom I had in my old job is also noticeably lacking. I enjoy the six minutes I get off every hour though, oh how I value that time.

Today was 'grad day' where we have a study day. I had two exams this morning which I have been studying REALLY hard for so I was stoked when I passed. They were pretty tough and I was glad I'd worked so hard. After the exams I left and came home early (yay a break!) and the man (who is home sick) and I went and registered my car in Victoria and got me a pretty Victorian license. So now YUC is no more and I'm stuck with UGT something something 29. I think its UGT. If you ask me its not much better than YUC but I guess I'm just unlucky when it comes to numberplates. I did get to pick the number part of it though so I feel extremely privileged. I also kept one of the YUC plates to remind me that my car is still a New South Welsh car at heart.

- Jen

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