Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pimples and Procrastination

Well it is now only 3 days till my first exam (one in morning, one in afternoon). I'm ok with my first exam I think. My second one is open book, but I think I'm being a bit slack on the study for that (i.e. I've done none) because...hey it's open book. I really just need to mark pages I think. There is only one exam now that I think I will struggle with. It's International Economics. I've been studying but need to pull my finger out and do some more. It's just with 5 subject, its just that one extra that makes it hard. Well I'm at work at moment. About to do some study...maybe. Well I've got to say, some customers sure know how to make me confused. They must think I'm lying when I say we have no computers free...this happens a lot but its a saturday arvo we are booked out (so NO free computers) and customers come in and ask for a computer and I say "sorry we are booked out till "...i.e as anyone can see, all the computers are occupied....five minutes later the same person comes in looks around to see no free computers and goes "is it still booked out?"....was I lying when I said we were booked out till ? Don't think so!!! Its pretty much on par with the kids that ring up and go "I'd like to book a er um make an um i want a computer"? So I go "okay what time"..."ohhh...mum she wants to know what time?"......ffs! isn't this something you would work out before you rang
?....I would say 75% of the time they also tell me the time and then hang up without telling me their name. If I do ask their name they get offended like I should know it!...its SO AND SO......grrr. But other than that my work it pretty good. I've learnt to dread phone calls though.

Hmm well I'd say when I write next that I will be when my exams are finished.


p.s. I have a big pimple on my cheek...its like all my exam stress in a horrible red lump! oh well

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Anonymous said...

Haha... sqeeeeeze the frustration out.
Good luck with your exam tomorrow jen :D. Im sure you'll do better than you think you will.