Thursday, June 02, 2005

Best of You ( a good day)

Well it is only 4.07PM while I am typing this, but so far today has been good. I started my exam study, I went for 2 run/ on the way home from dropping my car off for a service and one on the way to collect my car from the service. You see my car and I have a love/hate relationship. The car is a money sucker...I have a huge loan to pay off when I finish uni but I have a very reliable (when I remember to put the radiator cap back on it) car...everytime I get the damn thing serviced they seem to find something chronically wrong..and by chronically we are talking big $$$ it was no surprise I was feeling a bit apprehensive about picking my car up.... but get this $187 replaced spark plugs, fan belt few other niggles fixed up...and that was it. I was in shock....not as much shock as I was when the other place where I used to get it serviced told me I was up for (and by the same token, dad was up for) $1,500 for a new (get this) AIR FLOW is about the size of two ice cubes (of course if you have really small ice cubes this won't be right) .
Now I am off to buy my mum a birthday present, take it to her, come home and do some more study!


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Anonymous said...

pfft... study.
And you shoulda bought a motorbike! :D