Friday, June 17, 2005

3 down two to go and definitely not out

bah I'm annoyed about the telstra thing but they emailed me back when I emailed them telling them I thought it was unfair and it turns out I didn't get the job ages ago (like 2 days after my interview) and that i was held in a bank or something in case another job turned up. bah.

I feel sick because i just ate a whole packet of lollies while i got up to date on all the episodes of gilmore girls colin has downloaded, and four pieces of toast and a can of anyone who says I don't eat wrong however i may possibly never eat again after this tho!

Well my exam today was really good. i just studied the right stuff and basically regurgitated an entire paragrah from one of our lecture slides, "the objectives of ASEAN are to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in a joint endeavour of partnership and equality to strengthen the prosperous and peaceful community of south east asian nations. " hows that!!!! he he he those are the exams i love. i read the entire textbook, memorise it and then write it down. totally should have been a two hour exam tho. i finished the short answer questions in about an hour and they were a page each, then wrote a three page essay on ASEAN and got out an hour and a few minutes early....and that was with dawdling because i didn't want to be the first person to leave!
ah well. better go start my next study....3 exams down two to go and no impending sense of doom or feelings of failure as of yet!


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