Saturday, March 07, 2009

Oh the weight, oh it aches

So what'd the doctor say? What did the doctor say.....

Ah, you guys are going to laugh. This little 24 almost 25 year old is stressed.

What a surprise! Apparently my spine is pretty good. But my muscles are so incredibly tight that its like having a permanent cramp in my back.

The doctor asked me what I do to relax. That's a difficult question for me, because I don't really. So I'm supposed to start making time to relax, and try yoga or something.

I'm not sure something like yoga that requires co-ordination would be the best thing for me to relax, but my gym has heaps of those classes so I guess I will give it a go. I will probably also start getting massages.

I guess more importantly its taking more time to breathe and conciously relax. Obviously coffee and the paper on a Sunday morning isn't cutting it.

What do you guys do to relax?

- Jen


Gus said...

Get stuck into the garden dude. I never thought i would enjoy it as much as i do.

A W Malloy said...

Even better Jen, come over and get stuck in to ours!

Ren said...

There is nothing worse than back pain. I get it a lot (combination of bad genes, stress and weight). Go walking. Drive out somewhere nice and just wander for a while. Clears the mind a bit.

jenu said...

Thanks guys! The garden is definitely something I want to get into. Thinking of putting in some vegies.

Tony, I'm not sure you want my lack of green thumb messing up your new yard!