Sunday, March 08, 2009

Degraves St Subway

Seriously, I love Melbourne. And I love coffee. And so I love its quirky dark laneways and hidey hole bars with cool coffee spots.

But I didn't know about the Degraves St subway! 

Not that I know many of the laneways and that but this was a serious shock! On my way to the doctors on Friday I relished the thought of cutting through Degraves St (or Diagon Alley as I like to call it). When I hopped off the train at Flinders I turned to the west and instead of going out the last exit on the platform went down the middle rabbit hole and found this subway.
It's not a bad thing, still being this new to Melbourne because I love discovering all this awesome stuff. It was so old! 

The other day while I was out for work I did the same thing with an exit of Flagstaff station.  But this was way cooler. So while I was excited about the subway, imagine just how excited I was when I popped up in Degraves St. 

- Jen


Andrew said...

I like Degraves Street Subway too. Often has art along its length, sometimes of a controversial nature.

Andrew said...

When I wrote the comment, I was thinking of years past. See Daniel's and Reuben's posts for the latest controversy.

Lamont Cranston said...

Its actually called Campbell Arcade.
You may notice that the exit to Degrave St branches off but the arcade continues to a dead end. If you check the wall at the dead end you'll find its painted wood rather than concrete and tiles.
It originally continued to the end of Degrave St with another exit there and included entrances into the basements of a number of shops including the Mutual Store.

Chris said...

Does anyone know more about that dead end? Like when it was closed off, how far it extends beyond the left turn, and what evidence remains of the other end at ground (or perhaps basement) level? I have googled the subway for hours, but can't find much reference. - Chris