Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 3 - The Catch Up

Okay, so we were going to go to the Tower of London but after our breakfast we felt too exhausted so we decided just to spend the day chilling out with Bridge and Rell. Unfortuantely Bridge was too sick to go to work. So we went back and put a movie on (flushed away if you are interested) and then instantly Rell, the man and I all passed out.

I woke up to Bridge doing some very stealthy commando rolls on and off the air mattress so she wouldn't wake Rell up. While Bridge was reading our Contiki docs she kindly pointed out that we actually had to be there that night for a pre-departure meeting. George-ous came home from work early so he and Bridge could go and buy a new air mattress as their one had a bad habit of 'dis-inflating'. The man tagged along leaving Rell and I to have a D&M and a catch up.

After George came back he kindly drove us in for our meeting, it was pretty cool seeing even more of London, we saw Australia House etc. After we got back Bridge and Rell had cooked a three course meal for us which was awesome. Bed early ready for Contiki the next day....

- Jen


Liz Dunlop said...

hey jen,
great surprise to check your blog and discover you are travelling the world - sounds like great fun! where else will the hypothetical bus be stopping??
have fun!

Craig & Bonzo said...

G'day Jen,

We're enjoying reading your updates from your travels. Keep 'em coming!

Craig and Pauline.XXX.