Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 1 - Stuck in Bangkok with the Suduko King

So here we are. Overseas finally. You know whats great about overseas??...They have the internets!

We are in Bangkok for 6 hours, and we still have a good four of them left. But 300 baht buys you an hour on the internet. I don't know if that is a lot of money or not and frankly I don't really care. While I blog, the man is looking up The Age online, or pretending to. He is probably googling how to be a Suduko Sorcerer. Just before he did a whole suduko in about ten minutes. It was an incredibly long ten minutes because while he was doing it I had to listen to an arab guy snore on the seat next to me and it was driving me nuts.

Next stop is London and we arrive at six pm tonight (25/8).

I had this trip all planned out in my head to be a short trip. See we left at 11:30 pm last night (24/8) and were due to arrive in Bangkok at 6am. In Jen's head thats pretty much just six hours. Then we were going to chill here in the airport for six hours, then fly out from here at midday arriving at Heathrow at six pm. Just chunks of tiny six hour trips.

Since then the hostess on our flight kindly pointed that our trip from Melbourne to Bangkok was actually nine hours long. That was when I twigged that this wasn't looking so good. But it gets worse. Our trip from here to London is actually TWELVE hours long. TWELVE. HOURS. LONG.

Not six. I blame it on my poor maths skills and my powerful ability to block out anything that might make me less excited about this trip.

The food on the plane was average. Luckily we had dinner before we left because the main on our flight was fish balls. Literally BALLS of fish. But they were sitting in a very nice green curry which I had a poke at. Breakfast was inedible. A cheese omelette for the man with a extremely dodgy looking chicken snag. It looked like grey and yellow goo. I ordered the noodles which were also extremely unappetising. So we ate two grapes and some warm melon.

One other funny thing that happened was the man and I watching the 'olympians' walking around the airport. They were dressed in blue and white tracksuit outfits with numbers on the back so we figured they must be on their way home from Beijing. Until I went to the toilet and number 793 was going through the bin in the bathrooom. Cleaners...

That's about it for now. We're going to go and investigate the coffee situation here, there is a black canyon coffee around which wasn't too bad last time I was here.

Until next time I make it on here..

- Jen

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James Murphy said...

lol, you forgot the small problem called 'time zones'!

London is worth the wait though!