Thursday, May 19, 2005


So, what happened to Elvis? Well the poor little guy wasn't looking any perkier so my housemate suggested I put him in the freezer where he would just freeze and die peacefully (supposedly), so Elvis is currently freezing in a cup in my freezer, when he is frozen I will pull him out of the cup and have a fishsicle which I can bring out at parties etc.

BUT, I had a visit from the T-Man today, thats Trent for all you people who don't know. I installed some software onto his laptop for him and then we went down to the K-9 Catfish to get me a new fish. The new fish part worked out fine, his name is Terrance (Terra for short) and he is your usual we were leaving trent spotted a cherry spider crab....which he bought. It's name is Pickle and he has big claws. I didn't think it would be that much trouble but it's a maniac, I put some plants in the tank and it keeps climbing up them to get out so I had to put a lid on the tank, it threatens Rodriguez and Terrance and it looks pretty frightening! So I have got some pictures! The one of me on the table for all you silly people who haven't seen 'The Office' is a David Brent pose, so don't freak (phreak?) out.

p.s I will now be keeping you posted on the outcome of the fish v pickle saga.


Cameron said...

Hmmmm my fish is sick... I WILL KILL IT TO MAKE IT BETTER

tristan said...

not quite as scary as david brent!